About Us

Physicians Choice began in February of 1998. Since then, it has grown to provide services to over 65 clinics. But, we have never lost the personal touch and dedication to service that continues to propel our growth.

We are a professional medical billing service that offers physicians the opportunity to increase revenue by outsourcing the hassle of billing, giving providers more time and flexibility to care for their patients.

We have witnessed, first hand, the lengths insurance companies go to avoid paying claims. Insurance companies seem to count on the fact that most offices will not research every denial.

Our objective is to achieve maximum revenue with minimum cost, using advanced technology and efficient billing practices. With the ever-increasing complexity of health insurance and HIPAA guidelines, experienced billing specialists, supported with the latest technology, are a necessity for a medical practice to be successful in the 21st Century.

We are dedicated to keeping our staff educated on the latest insurance billing procedures to ensure timely payment of claims. We are committed to efficiency and accuracy in our working practices and to offering the finest customer service to our clients and their patients.

Our Principles

1.Improved Operations

Physchoice stay on top of ever-changing regulations and insurance reimbursement policies that is why it has been successful in streamlining claims management and reimbursement for its large client base.

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2.Integrated Solutions

Physchoice, an expert medical billing company provides comprehensive and high-tech Medical Billing services to healthcare organizations and individual providers throughout the United States

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3.Ahead of The Curve

In today’s competitive world, Physchoice fulfills the need of healthcare organizations to improve clinical workflows, increase profitability, boost patients’ experience and cut operational costs.

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